Tender Notice Alerts

TenderTiger track more than 2 Million Tenders annually. As a subscriber you’ll get access to all relevant Tender Notices we track for the product / service categories you are interested in. You can view Tender Notice using our mobile app, subscribe our daily email alerts or by accessing our portal as & when you like it. Apart from digitized version of Tender Notices, you’ll also get scanned copy of tender published in newspaper or website along with the details as from where it was sourced such that you can quote this as reference in your communication with the Tendering Authority. You can pay/tender you view or go for our unlimited annual plan, where you can access all tenders of your choice. Let us know your requirement at sales@TenderTiger.com
TenderTiger also captures pre qualification conditions as specified in tender document, provided tender documents are available for free. This way it becomes easier for you to decide to bid or not to bid in a tender, without you having to download the document or read it yourself. The idea is to save a lot of your precious time, which you should be spending on winning contacts. If for some reason you do not meet the Pre Qualification criteria, you can ask Tendering Authority to relax conditions or you can use TenderTiger to find a consortium partner, along with whom you can participate in the Tender. Let us know your requirement at sales@TenderTiger.com

Pre Qualification Terms

Tender Documents

TenderTiger also downloads tender documents if same can be downloaded from website of Tendering Authority for free. This way you get complete information on single platform without having to hop websites. Tender document can be accessed by only TenderTiger Pro subscribers. If you wish to participate in a given tenders, you may be required to pay tender document fee to tendering authority. For tenders were tender document are not available, you can use our network to procure Tender Document on your behalf on cost plus basis. Let us know your requirement at sales@TenderTiger.com
In case you find Tenders were you do not qualify on your own, don’t worry. You can use TenderTiger to find a right consortium partner with whom you can submit bid in partnership. Either you can use our website to advertise your requirement or you can ask our consultants to find right consortium partners for you as per required Financial, Technical, Commercial, Experience criteria. TenderTiger has more than 1 Million Supplier (small, medium & large enterprise) using its services and hence it becomes possible for us to find right consortium partner for you. Let us know your requirement at sales@TenderTiger.com

Consortium Partner

Private Tenders/BOQ

To win a tender, you’ll have to be quote aggressively. All you need to tell us is BOQ/Line items for which you are seeking quotes from our suppliers. We ensure you that thousands of our SME Supplier listed on our platform, offers you the most competitive quote. If you are still not satisfied with their quotes you can set up a Reverse Auction & make suppliers compete such that you get even lower quotes. Thus you can submit a competitive quote to Tendering Authority with back to back understanding with our Suppliers in case you win the Tender. Let us know your requirement at sales@TenderTiger.com
If yours is a SME firm, which does not meet the pre qualification terms & still wish to be participate in a Tender, don’t worry. You can do it either by way of forming a consortium with other bidder or by proposing to act as a sub contractor to large bidders. All you need to do is post your interest to act as contractors against a tender. Contractors who wish to participate in same tender, will see your offer, and directly get in touch with you. Many large companies also post advertisement seeking sub contractors. You can reply to such opportunities too & win contracts. Let us know your requirement at sales@TenderTiger.com

Sub Contracting

Tender Results

You can use TenderTiger to track tender results. You can use this data to even track your competitor activity as who has won tender, at which price, on what terms, who were other bidders, etc. If yours is a SME firm, you can contact the winning bidder & explore the sub contracting opportunity. This information is very helpful as you can identify ongoing price at which tenders are being awarded, identifying next winning bid for future tender, find price trends over period of time, etc. You’ll have to be creative enough to use this information to your benefit. Let us know your requirement at sales@TenderTiger.com
You can also get weekly, monthly, quarterly & yearly reports on Tendering happening across country, industry, organisation, etc. This will help you see the big picture as how big is the Government biz is and what should be your strategy to capture the maximum market share of this biz. Our reports will give you 360% view of Tenders i.e. Tender by Buyers, Location, Period, Value, etc. Custom reports can also be generated & shared. Let us know your requirement at sales@TenderTiger.com

Tendering Statistics


TenderTiger is accessed by thousands of companies of all sizes, from all over the world in search of new business opportunities. So if you have a product that can be consumed by them, you should include TenderTiger in your advertisement plan. We guarantee that quality leads will be generated for product / services you offer to scale your business. You can start generating leads with advertising budget as low as Rs.10,000. We also work on per lead revenue model, where you pay on per lead basis we generate for you, without any fixed advertisement spend. This starts at Rs.750/Lead. Let us know your requirement at sales@TenderTiger.com
TenderTiger tracks thousands of exhibitions planned across India. Whether you are exhibitor or visitor, you can use this service to find exhibition of your choice. Since we participate in most of the exhibitions on our own, you can use our stall to promote your company too. We can circulate your brochure in these exhibitions & generate business lead for you at fraction of cost. We can also help you book stalls at discounted rates, if you wish to participate in an Exhibition. Let us know your requirement at sales@TenderTiger.com

Upcoming Exhibitions

Digital Certificates

Many government bodies have switched to eTendering, eAuctions, Reverse Auctions, etc. To participate in such opportunities you will need valid class 3 Digital Certificate. We can help you procure a digital certificate from certifying agency of your choice. Moreover we also provide you total support in terms of installation, configuration of digital certificate such that you can use it effectively. We also provide SSL Certificates, Crypto keys, etc. Let us know your requirement at sales@TenderTiger.com
TenderTiger tracks thousands of new projects announced by government & private sector companies across India. These projects involve huge investment and hence offer a great business opportunity to supply. Hundreds of new project are added to our database on daily basis which translates into opportunities worth billions. You can use this information be used to find new biz opportunities and to track investment plans too. You’ll have to be creative enough to use this information to your benefit. Let us know your requirement at sales@TenderTiger.com

New Projects Information

eProcurement/ eAuction

We also offer complete eProcurement & eAuction solutions which are retailed under abcProcure.com, ProcureTiger.com & AuctionTiger.net domains. More than 100,000 eTenders / eAuction / Reverse Auction has been successfully enabled by us for hundreds of Buyers (government & private) worth Trillions till date. You can use our platform to search / view / participate / win such opportunities too. Let us know your requirement at sales@TenderTiger.com
TenderTiger also has a huge supplier market that covers more than 100,000 companies. Global Buyer use TenderTiger supplier market place to reach out to maximum numbers of Bidders globally. So if you are not registered on our supplier marketplace, we recommend that you register today. Once you register & your profile is accepted, you’ll get invited to bid in eSourcing opportunities directly. If you are not listed, list today. Let us know your requirement at sales@TenderTiger.com

Supplier Market Place